Terms and conditions

Throughout these terms and conditions, the word Goods refers to window dressings or shutters manufactured or supplied by Lifetime Shutters and Blinds Ltd, referred to hereinafter as Lifetime Shutters, and purchased by You.
We, Us, Our, and Ours refers to Lifetime Shutters and Blinds Ltd.

You, Your, Yours refers to the individual or company who purchases goods from Lifetime Shutters for personal or corporate use.

1. This Contract
1.1 Our website is for the purpose of You being able to order and purchase window dressings at our retail price and which are to be installed by You. When we accept Your order, this will constitute a legally binding contract between You and Us. We will confirm acceptance of Your order by sending You an email upon its’ receipt.

2. Price
2.1 The price will be shown on the order summary section and will be the price that is payable for the Goods. The price will include all the necessary and applicable UK taxes.
2.2 When We accept Your order in line with section 1.1, We will debit the price of the Goods from whatever method of payment You have chosen.

3. Cancellation of Your order by You (Custom-built Goods)
3.1 You may only cancel this order and obtain a refund if You ask to do so before we have begun production of Your shutters. We do not commence production until You have accepted Your finalised order during a telephone call with a member of our team and the sending of a confirmation email.
3.2 You cannot cancel an order when We have begun production following the confirmation phone call with You. We commence production on the same day that Your order is agreed on the telephone call. If You change Your mind about the paint colour it may be possible to change this, but only if We have not begun this stage of the production process. If You wish to change the paint colour you must speak to our team.

4. Cancellation of Your order by Us
4.1 If a situation arises that has not been foreseen, it may be necessary for Us to cancel Your order. This could be due to issues concerning production in our plant or could be any other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. If by any chance this should occur, We will send You an email confirming this and at the same time repay any monies paid to Us by You as a deposit.
4.2 We cannot be held liable for any payment of compensation in an instance where We have been obliged to cancel Your order.
4.3 Lifetime Shutters will be under no liability whatsoever to You for any consequential loss or damage as a result of Us being obliged to cancel Your order in accordance with clause 4.1.

5. Product Description
5.1 Lifetime Shutters has taken every care to ensure that all information contained on this website is true and accurate in every description. If You have any questions about the veracity of the information on this website, please contact a member of Our support team.
5.2 Our shutters are made of wood which is a natural material and therefore there may be differences in shading between the colours shown and the finished Goods received by You. We cannot accept any returns or refund requests because of natural variations in shading.
5.3 Since You have viewed the product online, there may be colour differences between monitors. For this reason, We recommend all customers ask for a free sample slat before ordering as We cannot be responsible for any variations in colours viewed online and the finished Goods.
5.4. It may be possible for Us to provide a custom paint finish colour at additional cost. We cannot be responsible if the requested paint finish does not exactly match other products in Your home although We will take every care to be as accurate as possible.
5.5 Prior to installation, You should carefully inspect the Goods to confirm that they are in accordance with the design and measurements of Your order.

6. Measurement & Product Tolerances
6.1 We have taken every care to ensure that Our website contains all the information necessary in order to help You with accurate measurements of Your windows for the production of Your window dressings. Our website contains all the instructions necessary for measuring, but if You are in any doubt, kindly contact a member of our support team before placing Your order. You and You alone are responsible for the dimensions provided to Us and confirmed by You prior to Our commencing production.
6.2 Should the measurements supplied to Us by You differ from the actual requirements We are unable to accept liability for any subsequent direct or indirect loss suffered by You and will not accept return of the Goods or be liable to provide a refund providing that the Goods have been produced in accordance with Your measurements supplied to Us.
6.3 We produce a design image on Our website for illustration purposes only. This may not be an exact illustration of the finished size of rail and number of slats that will be produced to fit Your windows. If You need exact confirmation of this, please contact Our support team before placing an order.
6.4 When We receive Your order one of Our team will telephone You to check that You are confident with Our measuring guides. We make a standard 4mm deduction from the width and height measurements that You supply, and this is done for the purpose of making installation easier. It is at Your own risk if You choose not to accept this advice.
6.5 There are manufacturing tolerance levels of +/-2mm for the overall panel and frame dimensions and the product will be considered acceptable within this size range. Warp on any part will not exceed 1mm in every 300mm.
6.6 If You decide to use our cut-out templates it is Your responsibility to print them to the correct scale. Any inaccuracies in the shutters due to failure to do this correctly is Your full responsibility as the customer. Templates must always be included in the overall dimensions of the shutters.

7. Design of the Product
7.1 Our shutters are custom-built and as such You are responsible for the final design choice. Our staff may make suggestions, but the final choice is Yours and this will be detailed on Your Confirmed Invoice. If You do not agree with the design details as they are shown, You should not accept any revision.
7.2 You may have certain specific design requirements and if this is the case You must make Our team aware of them before placing Your order and check that they are noted on Your order before going ahead with confirmation.
7.3 The louvres/slats on Our shutters are designed to be closed in an upwards direction only
7.4 The locations of mid-rails may be adjusted during manufacture so that the correct number of slats can fit into a panel and so that the top and bottom rail sizes are correct. If You need the mid-rail in a specific position, please let Us know before We finalise Your order and ensure that this is recorded on Your order before You confirm it.

Midrail variation.
For 64mm louvres, the midrail could move by +/- 25mm – the midrail size is 76.2mm
For 76mm louvres, the midrail could move by +/- 25mm – the midrail size is 76.2mm
For 89mm louvres, the midrail could move by +/- 30mm – the midrail size is 76.2mm
For 114mm louvres, the midrail could move by +/- 30mm – the midrail size is 76.2mm

7.5 Top and Bottom Rails
These are adjustable in size and as the manufacturers We determine this so that whole numbers of louvres/slats fit into the particular panel and the panels are structurally sound. We provide shutters with the top and bottom sized rails in the range that follows.

For panels with 47mm louvres; 76mm – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size
For panels with 64mm louvres; 76mm – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size
For panels with 76mm louvres; 76mm – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size
For panels with 89mm louvres; 76mm – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size
For panels with 114mm louvres; 76mm – 135mm Top/Bottom Rail size

The size of the top and bottom rails is not within Your choice and You cannot reject the finished item on the basis of the size of the top and bottom rails. If shutters are not identical but similar in height and/or design, it is very likely that the top and bottom rail sizes will vary. You must let us know if any shutters on Your order need to be considered one against another.

7.6 Hidden Tilt Rods
It may be the case that the distance between the top and bottom of the shutter is greater than 1,000mm and if this is the case the hidden rod will be centrally split. The reason for this is that it ensures that the louvres close evenly. However, if You require a split elsewhere You must stipulate this and make certain that Your instructions are on the revised order before you confirm it.

7.7 Tier-on-Tier Shutters
We build these with two tiers of panels inside the same frame. The reason for this is that you get greater light control and flexibility. However, tier-on-tier shutters are still subject to the same rules mentioned in term 7.5 which means that any tier-on-tier shutter can have as much as 270mm – 300mm of combined solid rails around the split location which divides the two tiers of panels.

8. Goods Delivery
8.1 Your shutters will be shipped immediately upon completion. Our present lead times are quoted on our Delivery Prices page. These are only ever estimates as We will not ship any shutter until We are totally satisfied with its’ suitability and that it meets our extraordinarily high standards. We do make every effort to adhere to lead times but will not accept any responsibility for any damage or consequential loss if delays are incurred. If You are planning to use a third-party installer, please do not book a specific date with them until You have received all of Your shutters. It may be the case that a courier would need to split the delivery of shutters into two separate delivery spots.
8.2 When You receive Your shutters, please check that the boxes are in good condition and not damaged in any way. If there is any sign of damage, please write “damaged” on the courier’s delivery note before You sign it. We will not accept liability for goods damaged in transit unless they have been signed for as "damaged".
8.3 Deliveries to the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, and the Scottish Highlands & Islands are subject to a fee of 3% of the total value of the order. For each delivery there is a minimum fee of £15 and a maximum of £50.
8.4 If Your shutters are being shipped to the Channel Islands, the delivery fee is equal to 6% of the total order value with a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £100.
8.5 For delivery to Europe (including Eire) there will necessarily be additional charges. Please check with Us regarding these before You confirm Your order.
8.6 Orders that are not delivered by Lifetime Shutters are delivered by 3rd party couriers. They will deliver Your order to the front of of your property only
8.7 Ownership of and title to the Goods belongs to Us until You have signed for delivery, at which point it is transferred to You.

9. Liability
9.1 Lifetime Shutters cannot accept liability for any damage caused
to the Goods during installation, unless We are installing them. We provide You with full instructions for installation but if You have any difficulty with them please contact Us for help before You or any third party commence installation.
9.2 We cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any damage caused by any third-party installer instructed by You.
9.3 We provide no warranty for the fitness of the Goods for any purpose other than that of internal window dressing. If the Goods are used for any other purpose it is at Your own risk.
9.4 The final design of Your shutters is entirely Your choice. We will provide Our fullest endeavours in order to advise You on best practice for the design of Your shutters, but We accept no liability if You are dissatisfied in any way as long as We have produced Your shutters in accordance with Your confirmed order.

10. Faulty Goods
10.1 All shutters supplied by us are subject to Our guarantee as regards the materials used and the workmanship. All shutters are guaranteed for 36 months from the day of delivery to You and as signed for by You. If Your Goods are damaged on arrival or there is a manufacturing defect, You must report this to Our office WITHIN SEVEN DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE GOODS. Such report must be accompanied by photographic evidence of the said damage or defects. We will maintain no liability whatsoever for any damage or defect after this seven-day period has expired.
10.2 We cannot be held responsible for any costs that You may incur or that may be incurred by any third-party installer for installation of Your shutters. In the unlikely circumstances that damaged or defective shutters need to be replaced, We have no liability for costs incurred in refitting replacement Goods or any room redecorations that may be needed.
10.3 If we deem the Goods to be defective in any way, We do not issue automatic refunds. We provide a replacement of any defective shutters or a fitting alternative as We see fit.
10.4 Shutters that have been used in conditions such as those of excessive humidity or a high moisture environment – for example in a wet room – or that have been used in any way for any purpose for which they are not designed are not acceptable for return as provided for in terms 9.1 – 9.3.
10.5 Lifetime Shutters are constructed using natural materials and as such there may be minor imperfections. If these are not obvious at a distance of four feet in ordinary lighting conditions they are not accepted as defective.

11. Security for Your Payment
11.1 Lifetime Shutters takes every care to keep any credit card or other payment information safe and secure and ensure that no other party can have any access to this information.

12. Governing Law
12.1 Any contract between You and Lifetime Shutters is subject to the Laws of England and the exclusive Jurisdiction of the English Courts.
We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions without providing any prior notice.